CRATESOFSOUL Records is a record label   ( Started in November 2014 ) specializing in the reissue of good and obscure quality soul and funk music, resurrecting lost studio tapes, and shedding some light on stories and sounds that got lost somewhere in the sands of time..

We are dedicated to preserving music for future generations to enjoy in tangible physical formats –  vinyl  and if we can uncover the stories behind these recordings / musicians we will  tell them  along the way.

We envisage the label as musical preservations – bringing the tangible format to a wider audience than was originally perceived .

These reissues are  strictly limited edition 45's pressed in small 250 or 300 runs and never repressed 

Twitter  @cratesofsoul

We also sell records full time via Discogs and Facebook 

New and gently used records are added on a daily basis . 
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You can  find us over on Discogs - Titles added on a daily basis